One of the most important decisions growth companies MUST get right is finding, hiring, and maintaining A level talent. Without A level talent, it’s impossible to be a top performing company. Imagine the impact of a professional sports team that only had B or C level players, winning a championship or doing anything of significance would be impossible no matter how well they worked together.

The big question is; why do companies leave recruiting up to HR? Most times when a company needs to hire, they post an ad on Monster or Jobing and if they’re really clever, LinkedIn. The people that typically apply for that job may or may not be A level talent. However, if you’re looking for A level talent, they’re likely already employed and not actively seeking a job, though they may be somewhat unhappy where they’re at.

When a company is trying to convince another individual to make a decision or change their mind this is a job that is typically best handled through Marketing. The job of the marketing department is to create desire and change minds so that customers buy your product or service. If the most important decision a company can make is getting the Right People in the Right Seats according to Jim Collins, why wouldn’t you use your very best creative talent to get those people?

The trend has already started to change for high performing companies that are seeking A players. They’re actively creating campaigns to attract A talent to their organizations. This talent must be actively sought and convinced to make  change. The level of creativity used to attract these players is rivaling the creative work done to attract customers. Take a look at the picture below from the most recent Space X rocket Launch. Clearly they’re looking to hire A player technicians and what better way to find them than the people that take time out of their day to watch a rocket launch?

So where are you advertising the fact that your company is hiring? How are you convincing people to come work for your firm? By the way, A talent is typically attracted to Core Values, Core Purpose, and a compelling vision fit over anything else. Sure the kegerators and ping pong tables are “cool” but they’re not enough to get someone that performs like an a-player to switch.  If you need help refining your companies Core Values, Core Purpose, and creating a compelling vision that can be communicated powerfully, reach out! We love this stuff. It’s our firm’s Core Purpose.