In conversation with leaders I often ask if their employees are happy, and they almost always say yes. My next question is; how do you know? Often they say it’s because  they keep showing up or worse haven’t had a labor strike recently. Okay fine, that’s a start. The following article by Verne Harnish gives tools to not only measure but to increase employee happiness. (Hint; It’s not gift cards and booze). eNPS by Verne Harnish  Building on that; if your employees aren’t happy, can you imagine their interactions with customers? Probably not very pretty.

Now many companies implement an eNPS but miss the most important part, the feedback loop. Meaning; when the score is in and the leaders have reviewed it, circling back to the team and providing feedback on the score. We humans are motivated by feedback loops (Think the book Drive by Daniel Pink ) so if there’s not a systematic way to evaluate employee happiness then provide feedback on the measures; you won’t get feedback for long. Trust me, I’ve messed this one up before.

By the way; this is a piece of the work that Rackspace did to become a Unicorn and recently make an exit for $4.3 Billion. Yes; billion with a B. Rackspace Acquired for $4.3 Billion Rackspace is also a long time Gazelles International client and exemplary user of the growth tools. The eNPS is a small part of the array of proven tools and methodologies we implement when coaching clients. If you’re interested in increasing employee happiness, give us a call and we’d love to talk about what’s possible.