Where Does YOUR Companies Brand Promise live? Your Head? A Binder in the IT Room?

where is your brand promise

Look, both in my coaching and past business; I found that most companies don’t have a clear brand promise. Which results in having their WHOLE team miss out on how they really make a difference for clients and ultimately beat the competition. Don’t believe me? Do a quick test, ask five random employees what makes us different from XYZ Competitor. If they can rattle it off succinctly and correctly, well done! If not, you’re not alone. This recent Huffington Post article The Simple Words On These Wrist Bands Raised One Company’s Profits By 31% In One Year shows the power of having a REAL brand promise AND how Purity Life Health Products made it come alive. By the way; their profitability increased by 31% since 2015 and when the CEO, Matthew James took over, they didn’t have one. Need help with your companies brand promise and making it come alive? Give us a call to schedule a free session.