Is it Strategy? Balance Sheet Health? Profit? Solid Processes? Give up? It surprises many business owners to find out that it’s organizational health. That’s right your team.

According to Kevin Kelly in his book; The Inevitable he stated that though robots may replace people; some human has to maintain the robots. At least for the foreseeable future. So we might as well figure out how to optimize our most under utilized resource.

In Patrick Lencioni’s book; The Advantage, the shares four foundations for optimal Organizational Health. They are:

  1. Build a Healthy and Cohesive Leadership Team

One of my early mentors always told me; “The fish rots from the head down”. IE- as goes the leadership team goes the rest of the company. Healthy and cohesive doesn’t mean lack of debate or conflict either. That’s an important piece!

2.  Create Clarity

Can your employees immediately answer what’s the most important handful of things the company MUST accomplish this quarter? If not, there’s probably a BIG opportunity there. It’s like having a crew/rowing team each going at their own cadence and direction. Not pretty. Having everyone clear on the the priorities and Purpose, Values, Strategies, and Functions/Accountabilities is paramount.

3.   Over-communicate Clarity

If your team isn’t making fun of you for repeating yourself over and over, you haven’t said it enough. Humans need reinforcement for new ideas. That typically takes 7-12 times hearing them for them to become sticky or remembered.

4. Reinforce Clarity

Yes; more on clarity. Have the structures in place to reinforce clarity. Reward systems, meeting rhythms, and decision making processes.

Don’t know where to start on getting your Organization Healthy and aligned? Reach out. We are experts at getting teams healthy, aligned, and on the same page. We even have a tools for that. The One Page Strategic Plan is a foundational one. Reach out today.