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The Path of Least Resistance and Your Business







In the age of instagram influences talking about how hard they work, David Goggins streaming his daily death races he does, or greater exposure to elite military units, more and more people are trying to do the “hard way”.


Here’s the thing; we humans rarely follow the “hard way” long term.




Think about it for minute.


How did the last diet? New exercise routine, etc turn out for you?




I know I’ve flopped lots of brilliant personal “growth” stuff.


The fact is as humans, we follow the path of least resistance.


It’s literally our nature.


Do rivers flow UPHILL?


Do cattle or deer walk randomly through the badlands?




Nature has us all following the path of least resistance.




It ONLY makes sense that the people that DON’T buy from you?


They’re likely doing the same thing. Following the path of least resistance away from your company.


If you’re core customers AREN’T buying from you, it’s likely because there was to much resistance in the process.


Because let’s face it, we humans like to buy stuff!


Case in point; Amazon. 



Every major move Amazon has made in the customer journey over the past 10+ years has been to make buying EASIER for customers.


From “dash buttons” to subscribe and save, to talking to Alexa to order;  Amazon’s major focus is on EASY. 


(Not low prices which is surprise to most people.)


If you’re anything like one of the 148.6 MILLION American prime subscribers, you’re likely buying on Amazon all the time because?


It’s EASY!


I know that’s why they’re boxes show up at my house with the nice baby blue tape every other day.



So question number one for you is; 

How can you make it easier for your customers to buy? What’s annoying about our buying process? 


Survey new customers and ask them 1 question. What frustrated YOU when buying from us?



Now; let’s focus INSIDE your company. And look at your team. Yes; the path of least resistance inside your company is likely crushing your teams ability to execute.


Which area inside of your business has REGULAR execution hiccups.


The question for you is; how have you set up the path of least resistance in the area?


How have the processes for your team become complicated?


Have you tried to over regulate your team into compliance instead of just having a handful of rules aka Core Values?


The key is; less is more. 


Simple & Clear Processes Followed by All


Core Values & Purpose Followed by All


A Handful of KPIs Reported Weekly by All


Then get out of people’s way and let them run with it!