“Every system is perfectly designed to get the result that it does.”- W. Edwards Demming  

Deming was a famous engineer, statistician, and early management consultant. He is regarded as having a bigger impact on Japanese manufacturing and quality than any other non-native person.

As you reflect on the results from the quarter as it winds down, you either got what you expected or didn’t. No matter the result you got; whether good or undesirable, they’re a result of a perfect system. Meaning if a certain input goes into the system or process then you get a certain output.

While a lot of professionals have built careers on making business growth and management into a art or black box, it’s really simple. If you don’t like the results you’ve been getting look at the system at play, then plan for the corrective procedures to get the business system back to optimal.

We’ve discovered that in any given organization there are only 5-8 processes that really drive all of the organizational activity and results. Sure there may be smaller ancillary processes, but none of them make a big impact. Take a look at the 5-8 processes driving your organization with the PACe tool from the book Scaling Up for help to identify the key processes. Then solve from there to identify where the system needs a change.

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