Many entrepreneurial company’s leadership team believe that Jim or Suzy quit because they didn’t like the company. NO, he didn’t like the people. Period. And the bad news is, it’s likely because of an immediate supervisor. That’s right, not necessarily the team they worked with but an immediate supervisor. This is where the problem get’s acute.

My wife and I have two children. And to my recollection when we finished the birthing process and were ready to leave the hospital, no one handed us the “parenting owner’s manual.”

The nurses said here’s how to properly install the carseat and don’t shake your baby. Okay, no issue there. But no how to raise a kid. Period. So we found ourselves left to parent based on our best guesses. Which in my experience provided mixed results.

This parenting thing is a lot like management. When I was first promoted to manager at the ripe old age of 20, I had 42 people I was accountable for and 3 “mid level” managers. My training was, check off these tasks and hit these numbers. Good luck! So I was left to my own devices, and much like parenting, I either mimicked a great manager I had in the past or avoided being like the boss I hated.

Check out the diagram below to see where you fall.
















Surprising if you get really honest with yourself huh? When I got called in by my boss at the age of 20, he said I was getting good results, but I was kind of a jerk. That hurt. I had a boss who got great results by being a bit of a micro manager so I figured that’s just what you did!. The beatings will continue till the morale improves!

The good news is; there’s help. Management by coaching is simply effortless and fun. But it takes some re-training old habits.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your team be able to manage effectively and in a way that’s authentic for them? Not some kind of avoiding being a bad manager or mimicking someone else, but managing people comfortably and effortlessly. We can help, call or email us now to learn more!