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Our Process




Our Process – How We Work


“People who have no emotional stake in a decision see what needs to be done sooner” Andy Grove


  • We talk.
    In a confidential conversation; we take a look at the key drivers of business performance including people, strategy, execution, and cash. Are you and your firm meeting your growth goals and are your key relationships healthy?


  • We discover.
    We discover core values, working parameters, and coach-ability to see if it makes sense to move forward. Recommending a road map of services and timelines to achieve successful outcomes for the business. We collaborate on the economics (costs) and determine how recommended services will provide a return on your investment.


  • We confirm.
    Verifing with key leaders that companies are learning organizations, open to change and willing to invest time and resources to learn, grow, and be accountable for results.


  • We start.
    We kick off our coaching with a two day strategic planning session. It is here that our clients get a clear picture of their current operation and what it will take to get them to the next level.