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Run Your Growth Company with the Gazelles

Small to mid-size businesses are the growth engine of the U.S. economy. These companies employ between 10 and 1,000 people, with revenues ranging from $2 million to $500 million, collectively they account for nearly 45% of U.S. GDP. In addition, with many Fortune 500 companies either stagnating or getting smaller, it’s the middle market companies that are picking up the hiring slack, giving a boost to the U.S. jobs market. Gazelles coaches are dedicated to supporting these companies.

It is intuitive to most that these are also the companies that have the agility and creative-minded leadership to anticipate market trends and quickly get out ahead of them. Whether you run a 10-person company, a 1,000-person company, or any company in-between, we at Transcend Growth Partners seek to support you as you “Scale Up.” Over 50,000 companies have used our proven tools and processes that help you get your arms around your growing company and take it to the next level.

Run with the Gazelles

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“Gazelle” is the term used to describe numerous species of graceful and swift African and Asian antelopes. It is also an economic term used to describe a company that has increased its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more, starting from a revenue base of at least $1 million, effectively doubling its revenue. Gazelles International founder Verne Harnish likes to say, in effect, that in the highly competitive world of mid-market growth companies, organizations, like gazelles, need to spend their days running, proactively focusing on growth, to survive.


Transcend Growth Partners and Certified Gazelles Coaches leverage their training and expertise to help the leaders of mid-sized growth companies, and their teams, embrace the pace.

Gazelles International Coaching

Gazelles Coaches are among the most highly experienced and effective executive coaches anywhere. They work independently to support high-growth companies and business leaders around the world. Collectively, they have over 1,650 years of hands-on experience, and they help more than 1,700 clients spanning six continents contribute over $42 billion to the global economy.

Gazelles International Certified CoachGazelles Coaches keep their skills razor sharp by participating in ongoing training sessions, webinars and conferences. They forge strong, relevant business partnerships by employing “Four Decisions” intellectual property, as well as through interaction with the Gazelles International community of top business coaches. Gazelles Coaches must also be certified in the use of Gazelles tools and processes. They are required to undergo a minimum of 45-hours of continuing education, received directly from mid-market visionaries, annually.


The Four Decisions

Every business must get these four things right to maximize revenue, profit and time management.

  • Finding, hiring, and retaining the best people.
  • Developing a simple yet different and valuable strategy that drives growth
  • Maintaining flawless execution. Strategy without execution is death.
  • Having enough cash to weather the storms to be able to sustain growth.

The Process

Gazelle coaches guide their clients through the four critical business decisions (People, Strategy, Execution, Cash) that high growth companies must get right to be able to Scale Up. The process culminates in the development of the Gazelles “One Page Strategic Plan” But it doesn’t end there. Ongoing services provided for execution planning and strategic thinking by Gazelles Coaching include:

  • Regular (monthly, quarterly and annually) business planning meetings using the One Page Strategic Plan.
  • Leadership coaching and development.
  • Help institutionalizing Rockefeller Habits.

Fast Growth Doesn’t Need to Result in A Hard Fall

It’s not uncommon for companies that grow too fast to crash equally fast. Fast growth can scramble the organizational structure, causing the senior management team to lose its focus as it spends the bulk of its time putting out fires. In short, they find themselves working “in” the business rather than working “on” the business.

Nurturing a company through the often-chaotic acceleration stage requires having a management team that is aligned, focused, and accountable, working with purpose toward common goals. Gazelles coaching can help.

Once you have a clear, shared vision for success, you can re-discover what you liked about your enterprise in the first place (before you started scaling up and losing control). That is, being a visionary.

As a gazelles coach, I can help you shed your duties as fire fighter in chief so you can get back to doing what you do best, generating the innovative, breakthrough ideas that are the pre-requisite to becoming a “gazelle” company. It is these Gazelles that Transcend Growth Partners is dedicated to supporting on their journey of Scaling Up.