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Business Growth Workshop

Business Growth Workshop

One Day Workshop to make Growing Your Business Simple

No matter what the market throws at you, keep growing your business with confidence using a clear plan. It’s impossible to control the winds of the economy, but you can adjust your sails.

There are only four areas that your team needs to be focused on to OWN the opportunities in this new economy.

Who Should Attend?

This course is open to all those interested in amplifying their success and growing their businesses via a proven course trajectory. We welcome lifelong learners and those hungry for best practices and cutting edge thought leadership. We welcome leaders who want to develop their team—and know they can’t do it alone – and are willing to invest in an outside resource for help. To maximize results and return on investment, we encourage leaders and senior teams to attend together.

What You'll Learn in the Workshop

The morning concentrates on People and Strategy, organized around the One-Page Strategic Plan.

Cash Model

How to double your operating cash flow in twelve months.

Market Intelligence

How leading firms "learn faster" to remain ahead of their competitors and to drive priority setting.


Build a Team of "A Players" that are Rockstars and aligned with your culture.

Cultural Foundation

Bringing your core values and core purpose alive to energize your employees and simplify your human resource systems.

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

Aligning it with your business fundamentals.

7 Strata of Strategy

The SEVEN key decisions your firm needs to focus on strategically to keep driving top line revenue growth & profit.

Annual & Quarterly Focus

The most critical short term decisions an executive team can make to drive alignment and performance.

The afternoon centers on Execution, organized around the Rockefeller Habits checklist.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist

Ten essential habits that reduce the executive time needed to manage the business from 50 hours/week to less than 15 hours.

Meeting Rythm

The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting rhythm and the specific agendas that make them effective and practical.


The three types of metrics that drive the business on a daily and weekly basis.


Using daily, weekly, and quarterly themes to drive alignment and focus.

Function Accountability Chart

The most effective organizational charts and how to apply them to keep everyone accountable.

Quarterly Themes

How to use them to make your priorities memorable and add energy to your organization.

Your Investment for the Business Growth Live Workshop

Money Back Guarantee - Call for details

When you come to the workshop, we promise you will leave with at LEAST $50,000 in value.

We receive 9s and 10s on our post workshop surveys.

Sign Up Now, and by Lunch, if you don’t feel the workshop can help you make at least $10,000 in 12 months, we’ll refund you.

This puts the risk squarely on OUR shoulders to deliver, and makes attending the workshop a no-risk proposition for you. You either walk away with a plan to make more profit with less time in your business, or it costs you nothing.

Your Investment for the Business Growth Live Workshop

NOTE: Only 25 available tickets. Secure your seats before they're gone!

One Attendee

$ 595
  • One Ticket


$ 1,795
  • Up to Five Tickets

About the Facilitator

“I’ve scaled up a company during the pit of the Great Recession, I know it can feel overwhelming . That’s why I created this workshop–to help others get a clear plan and THRIVE in these times.” – Corwin Smith (Business Growth Coach)

Corwin Smith

Corwin Smith has a deep well of effective tools and processes to help leaders get unstuck and back into growth mode.

In the journey of growing your company, if you grow it at the cost of your health, family, or sanity; it’s not worthwhile. As a coach, my focus is to help you as a leader, grow not only your profits, but help you realize the transformative purpose of the organization, and grow your people along the way.

If you are the CEO of a business with 10 to 500 employees and are ambitious, our framework framework will help you master the personal AND business challenges that come with rapid growth.